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Two things I wanted to do in life:
cooking and... I don't remember the second one anymore

In 2009 I graduated with excellent marks from Colombatto, hotel schoolof Turin, after a 5-year study course. 


A week later I began my career as a chef and in these almost 15 years I have never stopped, gaining vast experience in catering and hospitality.


I worked with star chefs, in banqueting and luxury hotels, I started managing the kitchen of restaurants as a chef at the age of 21 and I developed a refined cuisine, creativity and which, having a great identity, I enjoy customizing to the taste of the my clients.


From the end of 2019 I decide to bring my gastronomic knowledge directly into people's homes,

to offer an elegant, personalized and convenient tasting experience.


My cuisine continues to evolve thanks to continuous studies, research and experimentationAnd.


I love creating emotions with my dishes forbecause I live the ccook as a pure gesture of love.

That love that I takes you back to when you were a child and I was enraptured by the energy and joy

that were created around a festively laid table.

That whirlwind of foods, scents, flavours,

the stories of real life, the laughter and the glasses raised for a toast,

all this was magic for me!

This is why I nourish others with dedication, passion and love.

Cooking is magic, every dish an enchantment.

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